28 December 2020

I now have two of these gorgeous candles and love them both! They are the only candles I've found that I actually use and don't give me a headache from the smell. The scents are mild and relaxing and I don't feel like I'm choking on the scent when I blow them out which I've found with other candles. I love that they are made with essential oils so are far more natural than other candles and the crystals are a beautiful touch. They look and smell great, would definitely recommend x


1 November 2020

What a beautiful candle! It comes in exquisite packaging and I love the added touch of the crystals and petals. I have received a Serenity candle as a gift and quite frankly it is providing a much needed boost during these trying times. The scent is not overpowering so it is perfect for the living room in the evening. Gorgeous!


28 October 2020

I already have a growing collection of these candles and my latest addition didn’t disappoint. The All Hallows’ Eve candle spells like autumn in a jar! Beautiful as always and I can’t wait to continue lighting it all season long!


12 October 2020

I bought a “New Moon” candle as a dinner party gift. However, after opening the eco-friendly packaging and taking it out, I have to confess that it was so stunning and unique that I decided to keep it for myself!
I took a bottle of wine to the dinner party instead!


11 October 2020

Having received a White Rose Sage candle as a gift, I will definitely be coming back to buy for others, and for myself.
I used to avoid scented candles as I found the smell of them, even when unlit, to be overpowering and sickly, but my White Rose Sage candle (New Moon) is neither of these things: just like the subtle, understated packaging, this has a subtle scent that pervades the room gradually as it burns, giving little surprises of stronger scent from time to time. It is calming and lovely.
Thoughtfully prepared and presented, with flower petals and seeds in the wax, and a beautiful crystal that looks like the night sky, the candle comes with clear safety directions and instructions for use.
Thank you so much!


8 October 2020

What a beautiful candle - like no other! Smells divine from what are clearly good quality essential oils, burns gently and the added crystals are a special touch. I can feel both the integrity of the maker and a soothing, healing vibe that has gone into the making. This is a unique gift for whoever receives the candle and the crystals can be kept long after it has finished burning. The candle comes in a dark glass container which looks elegant, and is delivered with beautiful
packaging so that even the box it comes in smells of essential oils. Mine had a sprig of dried flowers and rosemary on top of the tissue paper as a final touch.


29 September 2020

Received a Rebirth candle
Lights well amazing smell (that still smells when candle is not alight)
"gotta say one of the best candles on the market"
Well worth the purchase


10 September 2020

I have been enjoying my monthly subscription candles from White Rose Sage and totally recommend them to anyone looking for beautifully poured, wonderfully scented candles.
They come in a lovely opaque mulberry glass holder and -most importantly- focus on aspects of wellbeing.


9 September 2020

Wonderful candles! I purchased one as a present for my friend after receiving one myself, delivery was fast and packaging was great.
Adding the crystals is such a lovely personal touch and really brings a positive energy to each candle. I would definitely recommend these candles whether they be for a present or for yourself!